Portfolio week

This is the first week that I am in class with all the students that specialise in Graphics and illustration. I finished up my sketchbook and ready to be submitted the next Monday. Preparation for the portfolio started as well but still in a early stage.

Last week I didn’t finish the final outcome for the illustration rotation. I decided to do two -of them , one in digital form and one on paper.

Final outcome I

The digital one was done with Pro-create on my own IPad. I used the pictures that I took from the zoology museum as reference and picked 6 of them to place on the skull of the moose. Some of them are already extinct and some of them are in danger.

Work process time lapse

The second one was done directly on my sketchbook. I use a sea turtle skull picture as reference, and draw it with plastics all filled inside it. I used some strong colour such as red and yellow.Oil pastel and markers were used.

Final Outcome II

I started creating an Indesign file for my digital portfolio, there will be 20 pages with the best work that I have. I will also create an physical portfolio for interviews shortly. The portfolio will be updated through time until around January.

I am also working on my personal statement for my UCAS application and hopefully get it finalise before December.

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